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Few calmly Field End Year

Fleeting expired a year, now there are not more than half the moon, then to the New Year, tui write a few (dozen) last clean stream calmly considered.

2016 is the year to make blogging at least tui, tui busy nor what to orange, which concerns the crossbar tui pants with a mop of books, 30 book somewhere, chore hanks, somewhere three or four jobs, small family hanks I took two children to play in summer VN, and a mop busy thinking about the country, so three in seven plays tui sit blogging, thought better of it.

However, the “severance” Nhut was, years to test different people talking, everybody says, well educated uneducated with anonymous names who also won said, mostly chatter, at least in part said close to winning, said winning is rare, but there is no work. Therefore, do not want to squeeze wealth tui forum so crowded that already do something.

Everyone says, the tui heard. Listen to have, hear an entire year, then sat thinking: ủa calculate their intellectual than people’s current country medieval people have nothing progressive. Done sat laughing alone, flipping the book to read on.

Last year, a short illness for nearly a month, visit his two three hospital doctors, it turns out that heal tui tui, because doctors now a terrible time. Actually speaking, the rude bad, to say the doctor is now indifferent, patient care through tangerine. Actually speaking heartless doctors also incorrect to say that the human life so cheap now, so people do not have respect. Therefore, tui heal yourself after twenty days of hard pill prescription without end, now sick of people also relieved.

Saigon days near Tet sky bluer, the clouds fly higher, colder and windy. Tomorrow will go defoliation tui few apricot trees, damage is, I did not know until the new Apricot appropriate defoliation, but that does not matter, tomorrow will go defoliation tui tomorrow. Cheek has a nostalgic story, “every morning before you know where your room is not out, from the current month for apricot trees in certain New Year, Tet wither it also completed the three branches that do not irrigate its cheek a ladle of water per day, now it’s more than a dozen plants that morning, saw the hip. ” See, it’s true that I have found on the cheek. Cheeks watered every day a ladle of water for the many years that apricot trees, pruning back I guess, I did not remember any, but now the front door every morning tui is one and a half meters high size, six meters, no land, just planted in tubs, which every year we also expanded its patio yellow ones.

Saigon increasingly crowded, people now make size thirty million people, but people lived here since 1930 Saigon alone is no longer sure how many. Some say looking Saigon eh people, through the US behold, tui do not think so. Many Vietnamese Americans have lost, but I tried to believe that the majority of Vietnamese people in the United States is not Saigon. No where in Saigon Saigon many Asian smooth bare all, you believe tui go. Saigon bathroom sink only person only, but they do not leave anywhere. Saigon who do not like water bite gameplay emerges as the fish were living along the surface of water. Cheeks watching television, Aaron Green finished the single sentence: it has some new dead fish floating to the surface, you see hip.

Tui doing studio for three years, said many things to buy, now the studio, the home tui, tui the room, the shed anymore, it’s too messy heaven, everything in life, may prove to be a certain week tui liquidation cleans off his belongings.

Years later, I will be blogging more regularly, because reading a year now, probably also add tangle word, his word e is growing old, not new, not modern, never mind.

Tui years later continues to leather, photography, film, theater organization for the event, and sell small tangle of coral for girls, a husband, it do not spend too much coral all over thanks bring tui sale women, feminine debt, haha.

Next year will tui travel gear and cruising. This said tui tours kept thinking, thinking, do not know that I have owed something or not, that song tui themselves headlong multitude that makes the land. With an atheist and not superstitious like me, is about the debt from a previous life are not available, this life, I did not have the debt, owe anyone, but it’s really the charm of every vicious propelled tui go through, the song that land travel. Had been torturing him, had been pushed out, had been disgusted, but now it is so blatantly on the panel’s work plan next year to complete all eagerly. Damage the love :)).

Well, last year, you drive leisurely, unhurried shopping, working slowly, spending time looking up at the sky, away from the larger eye, nghen, earth and sky are changing welcome spring, what little things also new, something old, something also that, things just waiting on the countdown to replace all five dusty robes. Who countryside about, who has no home, then clean the house, said a few words to the parents’ brothers and sisters to go, both in heaven and you can eat dinner with parents less, or rice porridge in markets and passion her shelves the family hom ray tray, then; people have such vulnerabilities is fine nghen Saigon, Saigon gaping who have eaten Vietnamese cuisine at the à nghen.

Few calmly Field End Year
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